Four Design Pvt. Ltd has implemented Social & Environmental standards in all its business units and is working with Development Partners of several different sort of International Organization, for its sustainability programs. 

The foundation of Four Design Sustainability is based on plenty of circumstances : People, Process, Product, Community, and Environment; thereby having a holistic approach towards environmental and social impacts. Our sustainable action programs are diversified accordingly and some of them are:

Social Compliance & Audit

Four Design Pvt. Ltd. pride ourselves as a society as well as an environmentally responsible organization. We aim to achieve a sustainable environment through our initiatives to reduce water and carbon consumption.
We are recognized by our customers and suppliers as a trustworthy organization. We are striving to deliver high-quality products and efficient services. With the combined efforts of our well-practiced management, experienced technicians, skilled workers, and highly professional marketing team, we have seen our company growing rapidly over the past years.
Four Design Pvt. Ltd. is BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and SEDEX recognized factory. We are also Oeko-Tex certified for garments manufacturing company.
We are a member of BKMEA (Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association.)
We warmly invite you to have business co-operation with us.

  • Four Design(Pvt.) Ltd is responsible apparel producer
    Embodies, both in spirit and practices, it recognizes
    And respects cultural difference and employs individuals
    Solely on the basis of their qualification for the jobs.
  • The basis ofthe various parameters that comprise the
    Code of conduct are drawn from the following…

Corporate Social Responsibility

Four Design Pvt. Ltd strictly maintains a social responsibility is gaining popularity in today’s times. We are becoming increasingly aware of our responsibilities. Moreover, we are trying to work in a way so as to protect the interests of the employees, customers and other parties, and society. The concept of a business firm working only with the motive of earning profit is gradually becoming outdated. We are taking care of environmental issues sincerely. Our factory is properly compliant and follows the buyer’s COC. In addition, factory buildings have got certified by Accord and Alliance with their requirements.